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doneConduct task-driven usability studies on your site or prototype
doneMake your site structure more intuitive and effective
doneRecord and see what your real users do on your site
doneGet instant feedback, understand reasons behind user behavior
doneGet insights only UXtweak can provide

Conduct usability testing of your project

with tool Website Testing

Usability testing, online and easier than ever. In online task-driven studies, collect feedback, observe how your users interact with your web site or app (or web-based prototype), and discover usability issues.

All that testers have to do to get started is click a study link. The UXtweak study wizard guides the tester, doing your tasks directly on your web. There is no installation for testers.

Organize your website content to perfection

with tool Card Sorting

Card sorting is an effective method to design intuitive hierarchical information structures (e.g., navigation menus). Analyze how users group labels (e.g., menu items) into categories that make sense to them. Create intuitive menus where users will no longer be lost.

UXtweak Card Sorting is online, quick and simple. After testers clicks a study link, the UXtweak wizard guides them. No installation needed.

Make your navigation menu intuitive

with tool Tree Testing

Can users find what they're looking for in your site menu? Define tasks to find something contained within a category of your menu. Show testers your menu and ask them to solve the tasks. Results show whether the labels and category hierarchy match user expectations.

UXtweak Tree Testing is online, quick and simple. After you send a study link to testers, the UXtweak wizard guides them through tasks. No installation needed.

Analyze user behavior to increase conversions

with tool Session Recording

Record and replay the visitor's entire journey on your website by a next-gen user session recording tool. It is designed to index every interaction a user has with your web and make it searchable. You can easily filter recordings to find ones with user frustration. Choose from over 40 filters.

With heatmaps, activity tracking and statistics, UXtweak opens up insights into user behavior like never seen before. Uncover usability issues in cases you haven't even thought about.

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