UXtweak for Startups

UX research is essential at the early stages of growing a startup.
We would know, we ourselves are a startup.

Take advantage of our UX research tools and stop wasting money and
time on avoidable issues.

How it works

Quickly test your prototypes

Resource management is crucial and wasting money on pointless reworks isn’t sustainable.

Use our Prototype Testing tool to rapidly and iteratively test your design prototypes. Uncover hidden usability issues and gather feedback from your audience.

Validate your concepts and ideas

Discover what features are worth pursuing according to your audience.

Use our Card Sorting tool to get a quick read on what your users consider important or to enhance your website’s information architecture.

Test your desktop or mobile website

Your website needs to be perfect - look at it through your audience’s eyes.

Use our Website Testing or Mobile Testing tools to quickly test your website’s usability. You can even compare yourself with your competition with our Competitive Testing.

Quickly acquire respondents

You might not have a large user base yet, but don’t worry, we got you.

With our User Panel, you can access over 155+ million respondents and target their demographics and preferences to represent your audience.

Establish what the market needs

Don’t let your startup fail because there is no need for your product on the market.

Understand your audience - use our Survey tool to ask your users what problems they are facing and receive additional feedback.

Are you a small startup?

Get in touch - we will help you grow for a great price.