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Conduct usability testing of your web project

How easy is your web site or app (or web-based prototype) to use? Just define tasks for users, send them a study link and see how they are using your web.

Simple 10 min installation into your web. Testers don’t need special software or browser extensions. The UXtweak study wizard guides testers as they do tasks directly on your web.

You can replay pixel-perfect recreations of the testing sessions, survey your testers and measure metrics such as success rate, time of completion and lostnesss.

Organize your website content to perfection with card sorting

Design intuitive navigation menus and site structures, so your web site or app is easy to navigate.

Let users group your category labels (e.g., menu items) into categories that make sense to them. Results show you how to create a usable menu (hierarchical information structures in general) that reflects user expectations.

Create the site menu where users will no longer be lost. It’s online, quick and simple. No installation needed. Just send testers a study link.


Make your navigation menu intuitive with tree testing

Can users find what they're looking for in your site menu? Know where and why they get lost and fix it.

Define tasks to find something contained within a category of your menu (e.g., finding sales offices opening hours). Introduce the menu to your testers and ask them to solve the tasks. Results show whether the labels and category hierarchy match user expectations.

Validate your existing navigation menus and site structures. It’s online, quick and simple. No installation needed. Just send testers a study link.

Analyze user behavior to increase conversions

Record and watch how visitors use your web site or app, including what frustrates them. Real-world situations show usability issues in cases you haven't even thought about.

UXtweak is designed to index every interaction a user has with your web and make it searchable (e.g., clicks on specific elements). You can easily filter session recordings to find ones with user frustration. Discover which parts work and which should be improved or removed.

With heatmaps, activity tracking and statistics, UXtweak opens up insights into user behavior like never seen before. Simple installation into your web project - 10 min or less.

And much more for your project

Money and mind saving platform

Beside its unique usability testing feature, UXtweak contains features combined from several research platforms. This helps you save on subscription and even keeps you mind less busy, as you need to use only one platform for all.

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