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Do you need to know what your customers want or how they think?

Conduct a Survey to get answers to any questions you have. Make decisions based on true knowledge of your users.

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More reasons to choose Survey from UXtweak

Empathize with users

Find out who your users are, how they think, what they like. Design experiences tailored to your audience’s needs and quickly get an edge on your competition.

Get feedback on images

In addition to text questions, you can enrich your surveys with pictures to get opinions on your website or product design.

Filter your audience

Ask a screening question to find out if participants are your customers. Segment respondents by their answers or one by one.

Localize your study
in 14 languages

Survey is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and more. See here for an up to date list.

How it works

1. Setup your Survey

Ask what you want with a variety of customization options and question types. Use your own company branding and customize your messaging to your liking.

2. Recruit your respondents

Share your study link to your audience in any way you want. Get testers from your own site with our special Recruiting Widget.
Time-consuming? Order testers from our User Panel. The only thing the respondents need to complete your survey is an internet browser.

3. Explore your results, PDF reports

Analyze your results with a sleek UI. Present your findings to stakeholders with handy PDF exports. Take deeper dives into your data by filtering your respondents and even splitting them into segments depending on their answers.

Wide selection of question types

Choose the right way to ask each question to get all answers you need. Importing images is also supported.


Get a written answer to your question to gather qualitative data.

Single/multiple option

Make respondents pick one or more answers from the options you provide.

Question grid

Make respondents pick one or more answers from the options you provide.

Rating scale

Make respondents pick one or more answers from the options you provide.

How it looks inside UXtweak

Know your user’s needs, wants and preferences

Asking them directly doesn’t hurt and is usually the fastest way to gather new information.

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