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Preference Test

Choose the design options that work best for your users.

Ask participants which design from a group they prefer most. Learn about their perspectives and the deciding factors.

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Why choose Preference Test from UXtweak?

Understand preferences

Learn what users find most appealing, intuitive or most suitable for specific tasks. How people choose what they like and what matters to them.

Ease of use and great UI

You don’t need to install anything. Just send testers a study link. UXtweak’s Preference Test is online, quick and simple, with a modern user interface.

Compare ideas in all forms

Gauge preferences for screen mock-ups, icons or product designs, but also show your ideas in video and sound format. No limits to creativity.

How it works

1. Line up your designs and get instant feedback

Create tasks where respondents have to pick a favorite from a line-up of designs. Pictures, sound and video can all be used.

Add follow-up question and learn the respondents’ reasoning.

2. Recruit your respondents

Share your study link to your audience or get testers from your own site with our special Recruiting Widget. Time-consuming? Order testers from our User Panel.

The only thing the respondents need to complete your survey is an internet browser.

3. Explore your results, PDF reports

Analyze your results with a sleek UI. Present your findings to stakeholders with handy PDF exports. Take deeper dives into your data by filtering your respondents and even splitting them into segments depending on their answers.

Make design decisions that people love

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which design option is really the best one. Show designs to your users to see which one they find most pleasing to the eye or best for its intended purpose.

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How it looks inside UXtweak

Full feature list

Presenting your designs
Enter your designs

You can include up to 6 design varieties in each preference task. Once the respondents have chosen their preferences, you will see which designs are the best and for what reasons.

Test video and audio files

Graphical designs and images aren't the only thing you can test preferences for. You may also include sound and video files to help showcase your ideas to the testers.

Mobile frames

Designing for mobile screens? Enable mobile frames and even desktop testers will see your mobile designs displayed in the frame of an Android or an iOS mobile phone.

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