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Stop guessing how to improve your website. A next-gen user session recording tool with powerful smart search.

Record and watch what users are doing on your site. Easily find users who meet certain criteria or act in a specific way.

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How it works

1. Set up and record

All you need to do is insert a small JavaScript snippet into your website. It captures everything - every page, click, mouse movement, scroll and all dynamic changes on the site.

2. Watch

With pixel-perfect session playback you`ll see your website exactly as your users do. Each session replay is a reproduction of the user`s activity on your site. It looks like a video, but it`s not. It`s a fully inspectable re-creation of your site, including the DOM.

3. Analyze the results

Use smart search to filter the sessions based on clicked elements, typing in input fields, visited URLs and more. Choose from over 40 filters!

Complete guarantee of privacy

Protect the privacy of your users by omitting specific elements or whole subdomains from being recorded. UXtweak is GDPR and CCPA compliant and stores data securely in AWS Cloud.

Share the view of your users

Discover and visualize user interactions with session replays and website heatmaps.

Why choose Session Recording from UXtweak?

Analyze every
  • More user interaction data than with any other analytics tools
  • Activity tracking and detailed statistics
Focus on
what’s important
  • Filter for sessions with specific clicks, changes in input fields or visited URLs
  • Choose from 40+ filters and combine them freely
Have privacy
under control
  • Manage privacy and exclude sensitive on-screen text or personal data
  • UXtweak is GDPR and CCPA compliant and stores data securely in AWS Cloud.
Nextgen session
  • Not just a video, but a fully inspectable recreation of your web
  • Compatible with SPAs
  • Skip inactive parts, control playback speed
Downloadable interactive
  • Website Heatmaps - Click Maps, Scroll Maps and Movement Maps
  • On-demand render of any page
  • Segment heatmaps by device and viewport
smart search
  • Search by typing anything
  • User, Session, Location, Gear, Pageview and Event filtering
  • Mix any of the filters together
Activity and performance
  • A breakdown of events and specific interactions on your site
  • Analyze loading times from
  • First Contentful Paint to Page Load
Quick yet deep
  • Monitor the number and health of sessions with the help of handy diagrams
  • Focus on top visitors and referrers
  • Find slowest pages
user card
  • For each visitor, you get a detailed history of sessions
  • Find out the visitor’s number of sessions, pageviews, events and much more
Easy installation
and broad compatibility
  • Just install UXtweak’s universal JS snippet directly into your source code or via GTM
  • Recording works on desktops, phones and tablets and supports all modern browsers
Sharing study
  • Share results of your study with stakeholders without a problem
  • Choose what the viewers will see
  • Protect your results with a password
Advanced technical
  • Restrict the recorded visitors based on their location or device details
  • Limit how many sessions to record by managing the rate at which you record
Automatic bot
  • Unless you specify otherwise, Session Recording detects bot sessions, therefore making sure that only sessions from actual human users are recorded.
  • Every tool in UXtweak has a detailed documentation
  • If you are in doubt you can dive into our Step-By-Step Guide

Start Recording User Sessions now

Discover the natural behavior of users with our website visitor recording tool.

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