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At UXtweak, we believe strength lies in teamwork.
We don't have a queen bee or a superstar among us, because we are a team of busy bees working together on something bigger than ourselves alone. And we always have fun in the process with a bunch of nerdy jokes :)

Feel like joining us?

Front-End Developer
Bratislava / Remote
Join us in the development of a world-class web app.
Talent Acquisition
Bratislava / Remote
Help us in our search for the top talent worldwide.
Javascript Developer
Bratislava / Remote
Join us in the development of a world-class web app.
Marketing Assistant
Bratislava / Remote
Become a support to our marketing department.
Sales Representative
Bratislava / Remote
Help us grow our list of impressive customers such as Intel or Paypal.
SEO Manager
Bratislava / Remote
Plan, implement and manage our overall SEO strategy.
Don't see your dream position?
Send us your CV at anyways, we’re always looking for talented people to join our team!

Our Values

Value number
Making mistakes is okay
We take pride in trying new things and experimenting, and if we fail in the process, that's okay, we will try something new again.
Value number
Equality for everyone
We celebrate diversity and encourage individual expression. We do not tolerate discrimination of any type.
Value number
Teamwork all around
If you lack some knowledge, it's not an issue. You can ask anyone on the team, and we'll be eager to help.
Value number
Facts, facts, facts...
We do UX research with focus on data, so every time we discuss, we base our arguments on facts. No guessing here.
Value number
Work-life balance
We care about the well-being of our employees and make sure that we don’t strain them with excessive work loads.
Value number
We listen to our people
We value input from all our team members. It doesn’t matter if it’s out of your own field. All that matters is the idea.
Value number
We are always honest
Sometimes it is not very comfortable, but it accelerates the progress. Yours and ours too.
Value number
No time-wasting
We try not to waste our time with meetings or tasks with no objectives. We always try to do things that are meaningful.

Our hiring process

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Interview with your future colleague
Assignment (for juniors only)
Interview with the director

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