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User Panel

Need participants for your user research?

Let us help you recruit the right people and get access to panelists from more than 130 countries (See the details here).

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Why choose User Panel from UXtweak?

Quality guarantee

Quality of your respondents is our main priority - we double check the responses so they match our strict standards. If you’re not satisfied with individual responses, we offer to replace them.

Easy to purchase

Pay for the panel and let us do all that’s necessary - from recruitment, quality control to paying participants. Set up your panel, launch it immediately and see the first results in just a few hours.

Recruitment for any study

Order a User Panel for any built-in tool. Need participants for a study outside UXtweak? Contact us to discuss integration options of User Panel with external research tools.

No extra costs

All participants are paid by UXtweak, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

Fair incentives

We reward the participants to secure the fairness of payments along with the quality of responses.

Pay and sit back

Once User Panel has been paid, we do the rest. You just wait for the first results to arrive.

How the recruitment process works

1 Panel set up

Set up the number of respondents, desired length of recruitment and choose your targeting requirements from various profile attributes.

2 Quality check of Study and Panel

UXtweak checks your study and panel setup and processes it within 1 business day (usually sooner).

3 Study conducting

Respondents now complete your given study tasks. You can already analyze incoming results.

4 Quality check of responses

UXtweak checks if respondents make an effort in your tasks while conducting the study and after it’s finished.

5 Recruitment completion

Recruiting process is finished. Now you can review and analyze all of your study results.

Learn about our panel pool

UXtweak’s User Panel Pool includes participants from over 130 countries. If you are interested in learning more about our pool in a specific country, use the search field below:

Choose a country and see the size of our pool:

How can I pay for my participants?

Pre-paid participants

  • You can include the cost of the recruiting directly into your Business or Enterprise plan subscription.
  • Tailored for repeated recruiting and regular projects. Unused participants accumulate for up to 3 months.
  • Price per participant remains the same regardless of study type or country.
  • You don't pay anything extra when you create your order.
  • All participants are available right away from the beginning of each billing period.
  • Details and terms for using use pre-paid participants in your studies can be found here.


Standard pricing - Pay as you go

  • The pay as you go recruiting model is available for all our Business and Enterprise plan subscribers.
  • This model is best suited for one-of projects or irregular recruitings. Pay only for participants you need now.
  • The price is dynamically calculated based on your targeting details (country, study type, study length etc.)
  • You pay at the launch of the recruiting once your study passes our study audit.
  • Better value for short and simple studies such as Survey or First Click tests.
Clock image
Short study
5 minutes
9 $
Clock image
Medium study
15 minutes
12 $
Clock image
Longer study
30 minutes
19 $


How it looks inside UXtweak

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