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Need participants for user research with any UXtweak tool?

Choose what kind of audience you need. Leave the heavy lifting of recruiting the right people to us.

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Why choose User Panel from UXtweak?

Global audience at your fingertips

No matter where you’re from, whether it’s to recruit testers in your home country or abroad, User Panel has you covered. Have your testing go global.

155+ million panelists

Our panel is huge, with respondents from 130+ countries. With 2000+ profile attributes, it’s easy to set detailed requirements for your testers.

Save budget

Buy completions at peerless prices. Cost of 15 minutes of respondent’s time from $7 in the US, 6€ in the EU. (Prices are approximate)

How it works

1. Set up your panel

You set up your panel independently from the study. This way, you may recruit via multiple methods, or even combine multiple panels and recruit in several countries.

130+ target countries and 2000+ profile attributes allow you to specify whom you want your data from.

2. Get your study approved

Before we start sending your study to our panelists, we do an audit to make sure that everything in it is ok (e.g. that the study in in the right language). If we find any content that needs to be discussed, we will contact you.

We process panel orders in few hours.

3. Sit back and watch the incoming results

Once your panel order has been approved, we will start handling the recruitment. Depending on how you set it up, the delivery may be as fast as possible, or spread evenly over a period of time.

You focus on what’s important - analyzing your data.

User Panel Pricing

Pay per respondent. Get nearly instant completions from your target audience by using our 155M+ panel.

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Respondent quality control and operational support
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Global targeting by country, device, profiling...
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Completions from different people between studies

How much does ordering
respondents cost?

The price depends on the targeting and how long it takes to complete your study.

Clock image
Short study
5 minutes - e.g. simple Surveys, First Click Tests
5 $
/ per
Clock image
Medium study
15 minutes - e.g. average Card Sorting, Tree Testing
6 $
/ per
Clock image
Long study
30 minutes - e.g. Website Testing with multiple tasks
13 $
/ per


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