Interview tests with your users

Schedule real time video calls with verified participants.

Get more useful feedback from online user interviews. Record screen interactions, facial expressions or ask extra questions to get more personal and accurate responses.

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Two options to cover all cases

Freeform Interview

Freeform Interview

Best suited for discussing the opinions of your users or for conducting a flexible on flight edited study.

  • Flexible call option, which can be adjusted on flight
  • Gather the broad user insights with ease
More about Freeform


Study Interview

Study Interview

An option to create a moderated version of any UXtweak study.

  • Structured interview with an attached study
  • Results of the study in one place with the call recording enables an easy analysis
More about study types

Research roles available
for the interviews

Role in the interview
Directly interacts with the participant throughout the interview.
Live view of the interview
Visible to participants
Webcam and microphone
Text chat with participant
Time-stamped notes
Requires UXtweak license

Try it out yourself

Schedule time slots with your users to learn all intricate details about their needs

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Why choose Live interviews from UXtweak?

All steps in
one place
  • Use just one platform to manage the recruiting, plan a schedule, conduct interviews and analyze the results
  • Unified solution for all steps of the study
Broad scheduling
  • Effortless management of availability using a calendar-like organizer
  • Create time slots of availability with custom length and breaks in-between
Multiple specialized
roles available
  • Assign team members as Moderators or Note-takers for each slot
  • Invite other team members or stakeholders to watch the interview as Observers
Time slot specific
  • Set up a custom length and participant source for each time slot
  • Assign the best fitting research crew to every time slot
Extensive filtering
of the results
  • Filter the results by date, length, source of the participants, researchers present etc.
  • Rate each result using a five point scale to ease the review process
Combine multiple
recruiting channels
  • Each time slot can have a different recruiting source
  • Recruit participants from UXtweak’s User Panel or combine all own source options
Reservations confirmed
by participants
  • Make sure your calendar includes valid registrations only
  • Required email verification
  • Participants can reschedule or cancel
Screening of
  • Use a screening question to prevent respondents outside your target audience from participating
  • As many reject options as you want


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