Moderated Testing

Schedule real time video calls with verified participants.

Get more useful feedback from online user interviews. Record screen interactions, facial expressions or ask extra questions to get more personal and accurate responses.

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Why choose Moderated Testing
from UXtweak?

Get more informative results

Meet your potential customers in live interviews so you don’t miss any details. Gain even more informative data by moderating any study, either from UXtweak, or your own user research.

Schedule your moderated testing

You can easily choose the time and duration of your remote moderated meeting. Choose any platform of your liking and connect with respondents from all over the world right from your office.

Participant quality guaranteed

We conduct an interview with each respondent to ensure meaningful answers to your questions. Select your participant’s country of residence from several global locations.

How to set up your Axure
Prototype Testing

1. Prepare your research

Conduct a free interview or use any UXtweak or external tools.

Learn more about your customers, find out what they prefer or how they behave. Test the quality of your website architecture or conduct remote usability testing. It takes just a few steps to create a study. Get invaluable user insights with a good combination of tasks and questions.

2. Schedule your interview

Choose your participants and time of the meeting.

Set up Moderated Testing independently from your study. This lets you manage multiple research activities during one interview. Target participants and choose from over 250 profiling attributes and 15 countries.

3. Meet your target audience

See your product from your customer’s perspective, listen to their problems and suggestions.

Analyze collected data gathered with UXtweak research tools to gain insights and improve your app/website/service.

How much does ordering
participants cost?

The price depends on the targeting and how long it takes to complete your study.

Clock image
Short tests
30 minutes or less
Clock image
Medium tests
1 hour or less
Clock image
Longer tests
More than 1 hour


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