Privacy by design

UXtweak takes privacy protection very seriously.

UXtweak at its core was made for gathering and learning from anonymous user-experience data. There's no need for personally identifying users and respondents.

“Privacy by design” means that your privacy and the privacy of your end-users are our top priority.

Keep full control of your data

You are the sole owner of all data that you collect in UXtweak. As such, you have exclusive access to your data and you alone determine what happens to it.

We will never provide your data to third parties, unless it's something that you gave your full consent for us to do (e.g., sharing studies with your team).

Tracking user's behavior, not personal data

UXtweak's tools are primarily designed for collecting anonymous data. Users and respondents are represented by a unique identifier, so we can track the same user across multiple studies without the need of their personal info.

UXtweak is also equipped with several content suppression features. These features are there to make sure that sensitive information never leaves the visitor's or respondent's web browser. You can even customize which forms and pages need such protection.

User privacy comes first

Some end-users might wish not to have their data collected at all. For people like that, UXtweak gives you the opt-out option.

This option sets a third-party cookie which commands the UXtweak recording script to not collect anything about the visitor at all.

UXtweak is fully committed to compliance with the GDPR

We store all of our data in the EU and compliance with international laws and regulations is very important to us.

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