Website Usability Testing

Test the usability of your website quickly, effectively and with real users.

Obtain screen and voice recordings of your participants’ behavior on your website and discover what difficulties they encounter.

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How it works

1 Set up your test

Create a new Website Testing study with tasks that reflect common user activities on your site. Discover your user’s needs and opinions with follow-up surveys.

2 Pick your target users

Share the study link to your audience, use your own visitors with our Recruiting Widget or order respondents directly from the study setup with our User Panel.

3 Conduct the study

Find out how users use the website of your choosing in real-life scenarios - capture audio and video to see your site exactly as your users do.

4 Analyze the results

Watch the screen and voice recordings of how users interact with your website to see what difficulties they might have. Look over the testing results and respondents’ answers.

Why choose Website Usability Testing from UXtweak?

Understand your users

See how people use your site. Give them tasks, which reflect common user activities on your site. Watch and listen to user actions and reveal the weaknesses in your design.

Make testing easy

Don’t bother your technical team with extra development. Test the usability of your site with real users immediately with no need for editing site’s source code.

Get insights in a moment

Get insights from the recordings, audio, questionnaires and comprehensive UX metrics. Analyze user feedback and improve your user experience.

Track user activity on your website

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UXtweak Snippet

Paste our snippet in the head of your site or use GTM to install UXtweak Snippet in your site.

  • No installations for users
  • Install once for all UXtweak tools
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Chrome Extension

No need to edit site’s source code. Prompt users to install an extension during the testing.

  • No access to the site's source code
  • No GTM installation
  • Likely to test your competitor’s site
  • Chrome desktop only

What are my competitors doing better?

Use website testing to analyze usability of your competitor’s web solutions, mimic their strengths and avoid their mistakes.

Full feature list

  • Capture everything your respondents are seeing and doing
  • Support for Single Page Apps
  • Video player-like playback controls
  • Validate usability of your website or even publicly hosted prototypes
  • Think-aloud protocol - support for user’s voice recordings
Enterprise features
Broad data exports
  • Available CSV exports for further data analysis
  • Handy and presentable PDF reports and charts
by design
  • Exclude pages or elements from the recordings
  • GDPR compliance - disable recording of inputs and storage of IP adresses
Quick yet deep analysis
  • Keep track of your respondents’ task success/fail rate or lostness
  • Analyze your site’s performance and detect your most common important pages
Task customization
  • Rich text editor complete with images
  • Serving tasks in random or determined order
  • Choose how many tasks respondent sees
Sharing study results
  • Share results of your study with stakeholders without a problem
  • Choose what the viewers will see
  • Protect your results with a password
10 min installation
  • Add JavaScript snippet onto your website or use Google Tag Manager
  • Alternatively, you can prompt users to install our Chrome Extension
Follow-up questions
with skip logic
  • Gather additional information
  • Guide the participant to relevant questions based on their answers
  • All Survey question types available
Screening of respondents
  • Use a screening question to prevent respondents outside your target audience from participating
  • As many reject options as you want
Study design customization
  • Fully customizable Welcome, Instructions and Closing messages
  • Change the logo and colors to fit your company branding
Device support
  • Recordings work on all devices-desktops, smartphones or tablets
  • All modern browsers with JavaScript enabled are supported
Information about respondents
  • Complete respondent list
  • Every detail about your respondents (geographic, technical etc.)
  • Customizable filtering
Great documentation
  • Every tool in UXtweak has a detailed documentation
  • If you are in doubt you can dive into our Step-By-Step Guide

Which languages are available?

Website Usability Testing is currently available in 14 languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Slovak
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Czech
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Danish

Can’t see your language? Contact us and let us know.

How it looks inside UXtweak

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