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Prototype Testing

From scratch

Eliminate usability issues at their inception, before they come back to bite you.

Measure how users interact with prototypes. Evaluate design flows early, easily and effectively.

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How it works

1 . Choose your prototype

Test usability of your existing prototypes, or build your prototype from scratch using screenshots or wireframes and linking them together.

2 . Set up your study

Create a new Prototype Testing study with tasks that reflect common user activities in your prototype. Discover your user’s needs and opinions with follow-up surveys.

3 . Pick your target users

Share the study link to your audience, use your own visitors with our Recruiting Widget or order respondents directly from the study setup with our User Panel.

4 . Conduct the study

Record participants behavior while they are using your prototype and complete your defined tasks.

5 . Analyze the results

Analyze your respondents behavior - what paths they took, how lost they were and what difficulties they might have had. Look over the testing results and respondents’ answers..

Prototype testing methods you can make use of

FIgma and Invision

Import into UXtweak

Use your existing desktop Figma or Invision prototypes and easily import them with few clicks.

  • Designs stay preserved and editable
  • You can trim unnecessary content
  • Track respondent’s paths


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Build from scratch

Make your own prototype yourself - upload your designs directly into UXtweak.

  • Use screenshots or sketches
  • Organize screens and transitions
  • Track respondent’s paths

Learn how to set up the study with the
prototyping tool of your choice.



Wanna test your mobile prototype?

Checkout Mobile Testing and obtain voice and screen recordings of people using your mobile prototype. All prototyping tools are

Full feature list

of your designs
  • Import your existing prototypes from prototyping tools
  • No prototype yet? Upload your design screenshots and make them interactive
Broad data
  • Available CSV exports for further data analysis
  • Handy and presentable PDF reports and charts
  • Rich text editor complete with images
  • Serving tasks in random or determined order
  • Choose how many tasks respondent sees
Sharing study
  • Share results of your study with stakeholders without a problem
  • Choose what the viewers will see
  • Protect your results with a password
No installation
  • You can set up your prototype testing studies in any modern browser
  • Respondents will also complete the study in their browser
Follow-up questions
with skip logic
  • Gather additional information
  • Guide the participant to relevant questions based on their answers
  • All Survey question types available
Screening of
  • Use a screening question to prevent respondents outside your target audience from participating
  • As many reject options as you want
Study design
  • Fully customizable Welcome, Instructions and Closing messages
  • Change the logo and colors to fit your company branding
Quick yet deep
  • Learn which designs have earned the most preferences and whether your results have statistical significance
  • Directly compare the task results
Information about
  • Complete respondent list
  • Every detail about your respondents (geographic, technical etc.)
  • Customizable filtering
  • Every tool in UXtweak has a detailed documentation
  • If you are in doubt you can dive into our Step-By-Step Guide

Which languages are available?

Prototype Testing is currently available in 14 languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Slovak
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Czech
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Danish

Can’t see your language? Contact us and let us know.

Do you use Marvel or Axure?

No, problem. Check out our Website Testing tool and test usability of your prototypes on the web from a public URL.

How to get respondents for your study?

Share a link

All you need to do to share your study is to send a single link (e.g. though email, CRM or social media). Once respondents open the study in their browser, respondents are all set.

Recruiting Widget

The best respondents are your customers. Insert the Recruiting Widget into your website to get data directly from your users.

User Panel

Pick what kind of respondent youre looking for (by country, age, gender and plenty of other attributes) and have them delivered directly by using the User Panel tool.


Test your prototype now

Eliminate usability issues of your prototypes before production.

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