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Prototype Testing with Figma

Measure how users navigate your Figma prototypes and eliminate usability issues at their inception.

Take advantage of our Prototype Testing tool.


Why choose Figma Prototype Testing from UXtweak?

Easy import

Set up your Figma prototype testing in a minute with few clicks using the prototype’s public URL. All designs will be loaded into our tool.

Customizable prototype

Everything from the welcome message to additional questions for your respondents is customizable. Your can even edit or trim unnecessary screens and transitions.

Diverse results

Collect valuable feedback from users before writing a single line of code. Discover your prototype’s success rate, respondent’s feedback and paths they took.

Try our demo and see
what you can accomplish.

Find out how Figma Prototype Testing works and what
user research results we can provide.

How to set up your Figma Prototype Testing

1. Open your prototype
in Figma

Choose the Figma project with the prototype you want to test. Click on the “Present” play button in the top right to launch your prototype. Be sure to select the flow you want to import.

2. Set up your sharing

Click on the “Share prototype” button, and set the sharing settings so that anyone with the link can view your prototype. Then, copy the link into your clipboard.

3. Import the prototype
to UXtweak

Create new Prototype Testing study and paste the copied public prototype URL into your study setup in the design tab. That’s all, now you can edit your prototype and create tasks for your respondents.

Set up Figma with our detailed step-by-step guide.

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