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Card Sorting

Design intuitive navigation menus or content structures where users will no longer be lost.

Find out what users think about your site’s content. Increase findability and discoverability of key information.

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Why choose Card Sorting from UXtweak?

Quick insights, PDF reports

Get a quick picture of what grouping of content makes sense to people, by letting them sort it themselves. Export a detailed PDF report for your client, boss or team.

Ease of use and great UI

You don’t need to install anything. Just send testers a study link. UXtweak’s Card Sorting is online, quick and simple, with a modern user interface.

Fully customize your study

Use survey questions to screen out testers, collect additional comments and feedback. Segment testers later based on their characteristics.

How it works

1. Set up your study

Create your cards and discover how people think about grouping them into categories. Each card represents a content item (e.g., a menu label) from your site or app that can be grouped.

2. Recruit testers

Share your study with the world. It’s quick and simple. Just send testers a study link, recruit them through your own social media channels, or turn visitors directly from your site into testers through our Recruiting Widget. Time-consuming? Order testers from our User Panel.

3. Analyze

Get great insights from exploratory and statistical analysis. Standardize your categories and analyze data through Similarity matrix, Dendrogram and other visualisation tools. Learn how users perceive your content and create intuitive content grouping.

Make your content
easy to find

Often, a site's content is structured based on the thinking of the company. Find out more about the user’s thinking instead and increase the discoverability of key information.

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How it looks inside UXtweak

Full feature list

Open, Closed & Hybrid variants
Open Card Sorting

Generate new, unrestricted ideas for categories by giving respondents total freedom in coming up with their own categories to sort cards into.

Closed Card Sorting

Validate your own strategy for organizing content by letting respondents sort cards into pre-defined categories. See if users’ understanding of concepts aligns with your own.

Hybrid Card Sorting

Combining the best of Open and Closed card sorting, Hybrid Card Sorting can be used to validate an information grouping strategy while still leaving respondents room for free expression.

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