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Find out what users think about your site’s content. Increase findability and discoverability of key information.

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How it works

1. Define your cards & categories

Create your cards and discover how people think about grouping them into categories. Each card represents a content item (e.g. a menu label) from your site or app that can be grouped.

2. Recruit your respondents

Share your study link to your audience directly or using our Own Database mailing system. Find testers on your own site with our special Onsite Recruiting Widget. Time-consuming? Order testers from our User Panel.

3. Analyze

Get great insights from exploratory and statistical analysis. Standardize your categories and analyze data through Similarity matrix, Dendrogram and other visualisation tools. Learn how users perceive your content and create intuitive content grouping.

Easily run any card sort technique

Any card sort variant you need is available with the UXtweak card sorting tools. Easy setup, quick insights, advanced analysis, PDF and CSV exports. Fully customizable studies. Modern easy to use interface.

Open Card Sort

Take the first step in understanding the mental models of your future users by letting them create all categories they need to sort the cards you gave them.

Hybrid Card Sort

Validate the categories created in the Open Card Sort. Provide them to your users together with an option to create new categories if they want to.

Closed Card Sort

The last test of categories created in the previous variants by your users. In this variant, users are not able to create any additional categories.

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Increase the discoverability of key information with our card sorting software.

Why choose Card Sort tool from UXtweak?

3 essential
  • All research steps are covered by using these variants in the predetermined order
  • Open Card Sorting
  • Hybrid Card Sorting
  • Closed Card Sorting
Quick yet deep
  • Explore the concepts hidden in the results using the Standardization grid, Results Matrix and Popular placements matrix
  • Look for patterns with Dendrograms and Similarity matrix
  • Enter or import cards & categories
  • Illustrating cards with images - a good picture is worth a thousand words
  • Show cards and categories in a randomized order
Follow-up questions
with skip logic
  • Gather additional information from your participants
  • Guide the participant to relevant questions based on their answers
  • All Survey question types available
Screening of
  • Use a screening question to prevent respondents outside your target audience from participating
  • As many reject and accept options as you want
Information about
  • Complete respondent list
  • Every detail about your respondents (geographic, technical etc.)
  • Customizable filtering
  • Participant specific results
No installation
  • You can set up your card sorting studies in any modern browser
  • Participants will also complete the study in their browser
  • Preview available at all times
Broad data
  • Available CSV exports for further data analysis
  • Handy and presentable PDF reports and charts

Make your Card Sorting Moderated

Registration and
  • Intuitive calendar based timeslot organization
  • Choose when you are available, the length of a slot and more
  • Assign a team of experts from your team to each timeslot
  • Let participants register for vacant slots and reschedule
Calls with
  • The participants don’t need to install any additional software to participate in the calls
  • Time stamped notes from you and your note taking colleagues
  • Stream the call using the observer link to democratize your research
All Results in
One Place
  • No need to switch between several platforms
  • Survey analysis and call recordings in one place
  • Review the notes attached directly to call recording
  • Export the call recordings in a .mp4 format

How to get participants?

Own Database
Use the Own Database and its mailing system to recruit participant from your own pool. Simply import them using a .csv or .xlsx file and start inviting them right away.
User Panel
Pick what kind of respondent you're looking for (by country, age, gender and plenty of other attributes) and have them delivered directly by using the User Panel tool.
Onsite Recruiting
The best respondents are your customers. Insert the Recruiting Widget into your website to get data directly from your users.
Share a link
Take the registration link for your interview and share it through your own channels (e.g. though email, CRM or social media).

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