First Click
Testing Tool

Is it clear what users should interact with to reach their goal?

Examine if user’s first click leads in the right or an unexpected direction. Design pages that guide users towards success.

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How it works

1. Set up your First Click Test

Upload a design and draw up hotspots over links, buttons and other UI elements where you wish to detect clicks. In the task, tell the participants what their goal should be, such as ordering a product.

2. Recruit your respondents

Share your study link to your audience directly or using our Own Database mailing system. Find testers on your own site with our special Onsite Recruiting Widget. Time-consuming? Order testers from our User Panel.

3. Explore your results

Analyze the clickmap and heatmap results. Learn whether your design aligns with the instincts of your users.

Two invaluable views



  • Analyze each distinct click by itself
  • Compare clicks from different participants




  • Learn which sections were clicked the most
  • Discover broad tendencies of all participants

Follow the first instinct of your users

Learn what is their immediate reaction to your design

Why choose First Click Test from UXtweak

Test the intuition
of your user
  • Ask users to complete a task with a design
  • Examine where users click and how much time they need
  • Use the results to optimize your designs
Early, quick
and comparable
  • Sketches, prototypes, screenshots - all you need is a picture
  • Usability benchmark that can be used from early through every stage of design
Follow-up questions
with skip logic
  • Gather additional information from your participants
  • Guide the participant to relevant questions based on their answers
  • All Survey question types available
  • Fully customizable Welcome, Instructions and Closing messages
  • Change the logo and colors to fit your company branding
Screening of
  • Use a screening question to prevent respondents outside your target audience from participating
  • As many reject and accept options as you want
  • Rich text editor complete with images
  • Serve tasks in random or determined order
  • Choose how many tasks respondent sees
Sharing study
  • Share results of your study with stakeholders without a problem
  • Choose what the viewers will see
  • Protect your results with a password
No installation
  • You can set up your first click studies in any modern browser
  • Respondents will also complete the study in their browser.
Broad data
  • Available CSV exports for further data analysis
  • Handy and presentable PDF reports and charts
Information about
  • Complete respondent list
  • Every detail about your respondents (geographic, technical etc.)
  • Customizable filtering
  • Every tool in UXtweak has a detailed documentation
  • If you are in doubt you can dive into our Step-By-Step Guide

Start First Click Testing Free now

Easily test design instincts of your users.

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First Click Test Guide


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  • Creating FC study
  • Interpreting results
  • Step-by-step guide

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