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First Click Test

Is it clear what users should interact with to reach their goal?

Examine if user’s first click leads in the right or an unexpected direction. Design pages that guide users towards success.

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Why choose First Click Test from UXtweak?

Test of intuitiveness

Ask users to complete a task by using a design. Examine where users click and how much time they need. Optimize design’s content structure based on user expectations.

Ease of use and great UI

You don’t need to install anything. Just send testers a study link. UXtweak’s First Click Test is online, quick and simple, with a modern user interface.

Early, quick and comparable

Sketches, prototypes, screenshots - all you need is a picture. First clicks provide a usability benchmark that can be used from early through every stage of design. Perfect for A/B testing.

How it works

1. Set up your first click test

Upload a design and draw up hotspots over links, buttons and other UI elements where you wish to detect clicks.

In the task, tell the participants what their goal should be, such as ordering a product.

2. Recruit your respondents

Share your study link to your audience or get testers from your own site with our special Recruiting Widget. Time-consuming? Order testers from our User Panel.

The only thing the respondents need to complete your survey is an internet browser.

3. Explore your results, PDF reports

Analyze your results with a sleek UI. Present your findings to stakeholders with handy PDF exports. Take deeper dives into your data by filtering your respondents and even splitting them into segments depending on their answers.

The most important click is always the first one

If the first click is on the right path, users already have an 87% chance of achieving their goal. Optimize designs by drawing user attention to where it needs to be.

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How it looks inside UXtweak

Full feature list

Tasks customization
Rich text editor

In the task editor, you can not only write the text of your tasks but also adjust their visual format and illustrate tasks with images.

Serving tasks

Tasks can be served in random order or in limited number, to run large scale tests without asking for too much of the individual respondent’s time.

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