Prototype Testing with Axure

Measure how users navigate your Axure prototypes and eliminate usability issues at their inception.

Take advantage of our Website Testing tool to record respondents’ behavior while using your Axure prototype.

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Why test your Axure prototype
with UXtweak?

Get insights in a moment

Get insights from the recordings, audio, questionnaires and comprehensive UX metrics. Analyze user feedback and improve your Axure prototypes.

Understand your users

See how people use your prototype. Give them tasks, which reflect common user activities and watch and reveal the weaknesses in your design.

Make testing easy

Don’t bother your technical team with extra development. Test the usability of your prototype with real users immediately.

How to set up your Axure
Prototype Testing

Publish your Axure prototype

Choose the Axure prototype you want to use and publish it to Axure Cloud. Name your prototype however you want and don’t use a password. Then, copy your prototype’s public URL.

Set up the UXtweak

Create a new Website Testing study and paste the copied public prototype URL into your study setup in the design tab as a starting URL

Finish it up

Either use the UXtweak snippet or our Chrome extension to connect your Axure prototype with UXtweak. Here is a detailed guide on how to do
all of these steps.

Set up Axure with our detailed step-by-step guide.

Wanna test your mobile Axure prototype?

Check out Mobile Testing and obtain voice and screen recordings of people using your mobile prototype.

Learn more about Axure
Prototype Testing


Learn how to set up Axure Prototype Testing


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