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UXtweak makes research easy

Great tool for getting answers to questions you were afraid to ask

Great tool to dig deeper and get the answers you would never get from alternative tools. We've gained some valuable insight into our target audience on top of other UX/UI insights. Substitute for qualitative & quantitative testing on a budget.

User-friendly UX research tool with beautiful and easy to read reports.

We're using it to optimise a shopping taxonomy in an eCommerce site. We were able to increase the findability of products and services. Absolutely loved it! It is really quick easy to set-up a study. Very user-friendly interface.

Very strong UX tool

UXtweak has some very powerful features for UX designers such as tree testing and usability testing. Your product & design team will fall in love with it! Also the team is always helpful and responsive.

UX/UI validation made easy and remotely

Wide range of research features, that keeps on growing. Convinience of "all-in-one" platform and little things like - recruitment widget for using site visitors to be your free testers or built-in reward feature for uploading discount codes to motivate respondents.

Great tool for Card Sorting

Step-by-step card sort set-up and execution made it easy for even our junior researchers to use. Overall allowed us to collect and analyze our results to improve our website. Not only was the tool great, but the customer service was what made this a perfect experience.

All UX tools in one package

A super easy way to do remote UX testing directly on the web. Replaying sessions of respondents and normal online visitors. The search feature is very powerful and gives a lot of options for exploring the recorded data.