RePlay Visitors tool

Record and watch how visitors use your web - including what frustrates them.

Stop guessing what your visitors do. Reveal why they aren't converting into customers.

Record and replay how visitors interact with your web. RePlay Visitors is a next-gen user session recording tool. It captures more user interaction data than any other analytics tool.

It is designed to index every interaction a user has with your web and make it searchable (e.g., clicks on buttons or typing in input fields). You can easily filter recordings to find ones with user frustration.

By seeing real people interact with features of your website, you can determine which parts work and which should be improved or removed. All you need to do is insert a small JavaScript snippet into your website (it does not affect your site's performance). With heatmaps, activity tracking and statistics, UXtweak opens up insights into user behavior like never seen before.

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How it works


All you need to do is insert a small JavaScript snippet into your website. It captures everything - every page, click, mouse movement, every dynamic state change.

Record all interactions betwen users and your web to understand the customer experience. You can easily exclude sensitive or private information so it never touches our servers.


You'll see your website exactly as your users see it. RePlay's pixel-perfect session playback looks like a video, but it's not. It's a fully-inspectable re-creation of your web, including the DOM.

Watch recordings at double or quadruple speed. Manually seek interesting events using the timeline bar to discover pivotal moments faster.


Filter your users and sessions based on any path or action they could have possibly taken on your web.

UXtweak's SmartSearch is designed to index every interaction an individual user has with your website, making it searchable (e.g., clicks on specific elements or typing in input fields). You can filter sessions where users visited a specific URL, came from a city or on a device of your choice. Choose from over 40 filters.


You can see a user's journey from start to finish. Every user's visit, from when they first find your website through Google, to when they complete a purchase.

Understand how many users take intended actions. Dive into recordings to discover why users do or don't convert. Heatmaps, activity tracking and statistics help you uncover what your users are doing.

Full feature list

Session replay

Capture everything

RePlay captures everything your respondent was seeeing and doing. It looks like a video, but it's not. It’s actually a pixel-perfect fully-inspectable recreation of your web.

One small snippet

There is no installation for respondents. To set up the recording, simply add a JavaScript snippet into your website or web-based prototype and hit Launch.

Single Page Apps

Yes, RePlay has no trouble with recording single page apps as well any other website.

Playback controls

Session replay looks and controls like any video player. Watch sessions at double or quadruple speed and directly seek out important events on the timeline.


Search by typing anything

As you write into the SmartSearch bar, it will automatically suggest searches based on what you’re typing. This makes searching both easy and efficient.

User & Session filtering

Looking for new visitors? Filter them by time of first visit. Looking for active visitors? Filter them by session active time. These are just examples of User & Session filters.

Location & Gear filtering

A lot of visitors from overseas, but not as many customers? Want to check out mobile users specifically? Filter visitors by country and type of device. These are just examples of Location & Gear filters.

Pageview & Event filtering

When looking for issues related to the shopping cart, filter for sessions by the shopping cart’s URL, or by the CSS selector of the shopping cart button. These are just examples of Pageview & Event filters.

Expressive context-sensitive filters

All of the above types of filters can be mixed together, linked logically and they can even enhance each other via context (e.g., users who clicked the ‘Add to cart’ button on the page of a specific product).

Useful data visualizations

Activity Tracking

Interested in how many visitors did a specific thing, like viewed the page of a new campaign, used the search or clicked the newsletter signup button? You can set up trackers for these activities and observe their development over time.


Heatmaps are visual representations of activity - like mouse movements, click or taps - on your pages. Warmer color, like red and orange mean that users were very active in that part of the screen.


Scrollmaps are a variant of the heatmap that portray how far down have visitors scrolled down the page. The top of the page is hot red, which gradually goes through the whole rainbow as more and more visitors drop off.

Data analytics

Monitor the number and health of sessions

Using handy diagrams, you can keep tabs on the number of sessions that has been recorded, as well as the health of recorded sessions - their length, number of events and user’s active time.

Focus on top visitors

In the overview, you will find your top visitors, so you can replay what the most active people on your website were spending their time doing. Top visitors are calculated based on their number of events and pageviews.

Find slowest pages

Annoyingly slow pages can have tremendously negative impact on the overall user experience. In Slowest Pages, you can see immediately if there are any such pages on your website.

Breakdowns by location, browser, device, etc.

You will find all the general breakdowns - which countries your visitors came from, what sort of device, OS and browser they were using, or what were the most common screen resolutions.

Top referrers

Top referrers contain the hostnames of websites that were the top sources of traffic in your recorded sessions.

Detailed user card

Know your visitor

For each visitor, you get a detailed history of sessions, so you can see what they were doing on the site previously. Sessions come with data like time, duration, geographic location, gear, referrer and more.

Visitor statistics

Aside from session data, you will also find the visitor’s statistics and data aggregations - things like number of sessions, pageviews and events, average time on site, most visited and active pages and more.

Page speed metrics

Performance matters

Site peformance is one of the base aspect that underlie a positive user experience. Recordings contain the information on your web’s loading times, from First Contentful Paint to Page Load.

10 min installation

JavaScript snippet

All you need to do to install RePlay Tasks on your website or in a web-based prototype is to add a JavaScript snippet into the header of all pages you wish to record.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

UXtweak provides GTM integration for easily publishing the recording snippet into your GTM container.

Technical targeting

Target respondents automatically

RePlay Tasks detects the user’s IP, location and their browser. With automatic targeting you can restrict the recorded visitors by where they come from and what sort of device they’re using.

Automatic bot detection

Unless you specify otherwise, RePlay Visitors detects bot sessions, therefore making sure that only sessions from actual human users are recorded.

Limit how many sessions to record

On a website with a high daily turnover of visitors, you may quickly use up your session recording quota. UXtweak offers mechanisms to limit the rate at which sessions are recorded.

Broad browser and device support

Record on any device

RePlay Tasks works on desktops, smartphones and tablets and it supports all modern browsers. It only needs JavaScript to be enabled.

Privacy by design

Exclude pages or elements

You have full control over user privacy and protection of sensitive information. Determine which parts of your website get recorded. You can hide specific pages or even elements, through study settings or API.

GDPR compliance tools

UXtweak contains privacy tools that allow you to keep a separate privacy policy between EU and non-EU countries. You can disable the recording of data that is inserted within inputs, hide email addresses and numbers in text and disable storage of IP adresses.

Great documentation

Everything’s documented

To help you use our tools to the absolute maximum, every feature is thoroughly documented. You’ll find a lot of tips on how to use this tool in the guide.

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