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About Us

UXtweak is a hive full of creative minds,

ready to change the UX world for better.

We help our clients at every point of their research, from the simple card sorts all the way to the complex usability test.

When you choose us, you choose an expert partner to guide you through the UX world.

Our Journey

Founded with purpose

UXtweak was founded by UX research experts, to help them fullfil their own need for a complex, all-around research tool.
The aim is to create a professional tool which would be available at realistic budget.

First big clients

Notable brands such as Generali and KBC Bank were among the first to trust us with their UX research.
We helped them improve their products and made sure that the quality of their webs mirrored the quality of their products.

Expanding our tool list

We always listen to our clients and take pride in our focus on communication. The clients asked for more tools, so we obliged and added First Click Test, Five Second Test, Preference Test, Prototype Testing, User Panel, Mobile Testing and more.


UXtweak aims to be more than just a collection of tools. We value pure data in our research. Our goal is to allow other data-loving UX researchers to save time by using our automated research methods, which would utilize state-of-the-art ML and NN technologies.

What are we offering?

Complex all-in one
UX tool
  • 10 progressive tools to help your
  • Complex analytical results available
  • Easy cooperation in team
Panel recruiting with
no borders
  • More than 133 countries available
  • Target your respondents using
    specific attributes
  • At hand cost calculation
Expert UX
  • Hands-on training
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Expert consulting of your research
  • End-to-end solutions
Who are our customers?
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Enterprise Clients
We strive for greatness and are proud to support others who have the same goal. Our Enterprise Plan makes sure your prospering company doesn’t fall behind its competition.
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Small Companies
We believe that companies of all sizes deserve a functioning, user friendly websites and apps. For this we have our Business Plan subscription ready.
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Non-profits and Universities study
We are always happy to support those, who are changing our society for better. Therefore we offer a special discount to all non-profits and educational institutions.
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Solo UX researchers
We support brilliance of solo researchers and freelancers with our Plus Plan, specifically designed to fit their needs.
Trusted by major brands
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Our values
Making mistakes
is okay
We take pride in trying new things and experimenting, and if we fail in the process, that's okay, we will try something new again.
for everyone
We celebrate diversity and encourage individual expression. We do not tolerate discrimination of any type.
all around
If you lack some knowledge, it's not an issue. You can ask anyone on the team, and we'll be eager to help.
Facts, facts
We do UX research with focus on data, so every time we discuss, we base our arguments on facts. No guessing here.
We care about the well-being of our employees and make sure that we don’t strain them with excessive work loads.
We listen to
our people
We value input from all our team members. It doesn’t matter if it’s out of your own field. All that matters is the idea.
We are
always honest
Sometimes it is not very comfortable, but it accelerates the progress. Yours and ours too.
We try not to waste our time with meetings or tasks with no objectives. We always try to do things that are meaningful.

We are always looking for new talent.

If you believe you could be the next UXtweaker, let us know right away.
If you want to know who we are looking for at the moment, check out our careers page below.

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