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Try demos of our tools

We've prepared study examples to show you how our tools work and what you get.

Website Testing

To illustrate website usability testing on a live website, we've created a study for an online fashion store.

Pretend you’re a tester for the store. Or imagine yourself as the store’s owner and view the study results to understand your customers.

Note: In a similar way, you can test any web-based prototype, such as Axure.

Tree Testing

Imagine the site of a bus company Speed Lines. Discover where and why users get lost in their navigation.

Pretend to be a tester of a tree testing study. Or view the study results to see whether the structure and wording of the navigation match user expectations.

Card Sorting

Imagine an online parenting magazine Super Mom. Discover how users think about grouping articles into categories.

Pretend to be a participant in a card sorting study. Or view results to see how people perceive and organize content. Get great insights from exploratory and statistical analysis.

Session Recording

We demonstrate what session recordings look like on the site of an online fashion store. Replay the recordings that show what our visitors are doing. Explore smart search, heatmaps, activity tracking and other statistics.

Stop guessing how to improve your site. Record and watch what your users are doing. Determine which parts work and which ones to improve or remove. Simple 10 min installation in your site.