An overview of all tabs in RePlay Tasks setup

You create your RePlay Tasks study in several tabs. Here's a brief summary of each tab:

General tab 

  • Set the name and language of your study
  • Check when the study was created and last modified
  • Select how the respondents identify themselves
  • Guard access to your study with a password
  • Set the ending conditions for the study

Snippet tab 

  • Copy the Javascript found here into your website to enable session recording

Tasks tab 

  • Write the tasks for your respondents to fulfill
  • Select the right answers for your tasks
  • Set up whether the task order should be randomized and how many tasks a respondent should see
  • Input the questions to be asked after individual tasks
  • Import or export your tasks for their easy re-use

Messages tab 

  • Make personal welcome and thank you messages to be seen by the respondents
  • Write up instructions that best match your study
  • Personalize the message shown to those who follow the study URL once the study becomes inactive

Questionnaire tab 

  • Create a screening question to reach toward the right type of respondents
  • Prepare the questions to be asked in the pre-study and the post-study survey
  • Import or export your questions for their easy re-use

Screening tab 

  • Set rules for targeting by location, device, operating system and browser
  • Block session recording from chosen IP addresses
  • Modify the list of blocked bots
  • Set up whether to record all respondents' or limit their number

Sessions tab 

  • Set IP address and form privacy
  • Block session recording on sensitive pages or enable recording only on select pages
  • Disable recording of chosen elements

Branding tab 

  • Customize the color scheme of your study
  • Insert your company's branding by uploading a logo and header image

Recruit tab 

  • Copy the link to your study so you can share it with your respondents