RePlay Tasks tool

Usability testing, online and easier than ever.

Ask users to complete tasks on your web or web-based prototype and get instant feedback. Easy to use - 10 min installation.

Do users use your web site or app as you expect? Understand the user on the other side of the screen.

User testing can be expensive and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be. With UXtweak you can now test quickly, cheaply and with real users - your customers. Observe user behavior, collect user feedback about your website (or web-based prototype) and discover usability issues.

All you need to do is insert a UXtweak JavaScript tracking code into your website, define tasks representing user stories for your site or product and send testers a study link. The UXtweak wizard guides the tester doing your tasks directly on your web. There is no installation for testers. You can even recruit testers directly on your live web. It’s the ideal way for testing with your real customers.

How it works

Set up tasks

Insert a JavaScript snippet (tracking code) into your web and start set up your study. First define tasks. A task represents a user story that's important for your website or product.

A respondents completes a task succesfully if a conversion occurs (e.g., signing up for newsletter, filling out a form or making a purchase).

Configure your study

Good user experience depends on understanding your users. By asking the right questions you can get useful data about your customers' needs.

Studies are fully customizable. You can screen out or segment respondents based on their characteristics, include surveys before and after your study or a task, or collect additional comments. Write a personalized welcome message, study instructions or a thank you message to your respondents.

Recruit respondents

Sharing a user study to respondents has never been easier. Just send respondents a study link, recruit them through your own social media channels or directly from your web through the UXtweak Recruiter widget. It's best to make the study with your real users.

Respondents don’t need special software or browser extensions. The UXtweak study wizard guides your respondents as they do tasks directly on your web.

Record and watch user behavior

Record think-aloud studies, capture video and audio as respondents complete specific tasks. Watch how users use your web in real life scenarios. You'll see your website exactly as your users see it.

You can record and see more than just mouse movements, scrolls, clicks and keypresses on your web. Recordings uncover frustration, confusion, uncertainty, and hesitation.

Analyze and evaluate

With real users - your customers - you gain qualitative insights into what's causing users trouble. These insights help you determine how to improve your web.

Do users use your web site or app as you expect? Metrics such as success rate, time of completion and lostness are useful indicators to answer the question. Let's start user testing of your web ...

Full feature list

Session replay

Capture everything

RePlay captures everything your respondent was seeing and doing. It looks like a video, but it's not. It’s actually a pixel-perfect fully-inspectable recreation of your web.

One small snippet

There is no installation for respondents. To set up the recording, simply add a UXtweak JavaScript tracking code into your website or web-based prototype and hit Launch.

Single Page Apps

Yes, RePlay has no trouble with recording single page apps as well any other website.

Playback controls

Session replay looks and controls like any video player, with added perks. Quickly skip over sections of inactivity. Watch sessions at double or quadruple speed and directly seek out the important events on the timeline.

Live webs or web-based prototypes

Live web testing

Validate usability of fresh new changes or run benchmark studies in the live environment that’s more familiar to your users.

Web-based prototypes

HTML prototypes that are hosted publically can also be the subject of recording by RePlay Tasks (e.g. Axure prototypes).

Tasks customization

Rich text editor

In the task editor, you can not only write the text of your tasks but also adjust their visual format and illustrate tasks with images.

Serving tasks

Tasks can be served in random order or in limited number, to run large scale tests without asking for too much of the individual respondent’s time.

Think-a-aloud protocol

Listen to your users

Ask users narrate their testing experience with not only what they are doing, but why they are doing it. RePlay Tasks supports voice recording for gathering of user feedback.


Ask questions before/after study and after tasks

Ask questions at the right time - before and/or after the study, and even after completing an individual task, when the respondent’s memory of a task is still fresh.

Get the feedback you need

Collect feedback in a variety of forms, be it full text answers, single and multiple choice questions, Net Promoter Score on agreement on the Likert scale.

Crowd feedback

Respondent-generated feedback

Respondents can submit what they liked or disliked about your website, as well as suggestions for improvements. Respondents can vote on ideas from others that they agree with, making the best ideas bubble to the top.

Detailed user card

Know your respondent

Aside from the respondent’s answers to your questions, you can also see where they came from and what sort of device, operating system and browser they were using, plus more.

Usability metrics

Time Taken, Success, Fail, Abandon

Keep track of how long it takes to complete your tasks, how many people completed the successfully, failed or abandoned them.

Lostness measure

The lostness metric can be used to detect when users on your site are getting lost. It’s based on the difference between the number of pages visited by the user and the minimum number of pages (the ideal path) that need to be visited to solve the task.

Performance matters

Site performance is one of the base aspect that underlie a positive user experience. Recordings contain the information on your web’s loading times, from First Contentful Paint to Page Load.

Most common important pages

Find out which are the most common pages where respondents completed the tasks as either success or failure. What were the most common pages to abondon the task on? Which pages were the target of most first clicks?

Useful data visualizations

Read data from the diagram

Data is visualized in a number of handy diagrams, which depict task metrics, study completion, user locations and the used devices.

Faster questionnaire processing

Visualize the answers to your questions. For open-ended questions, the tool automatically groups similar full-text answers together. Doing so dramatically shortens the time it takes to process suveys.

Sharing study results & recordings

Share study results

Need to present the results of your study to stakeholders? You can share a public link to people outside of your team. Set up privileges to what the linked viewers can see. Protect the link to results with a private password.

Share task recordings

Recordings of end users have wonderful persuasive power that can highlight usability problems like no dry report can. Share direct links to specific task recordings to other members of your team and other stakeholders.

10 min installation

JavaScript snippet

All you need to do to install RePlay Tasks on your website or in a web-based prototype is to add a JavaScript snippet into the header of all pages you wish to record.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

UXtweak provides GTM integration for easily publishing the recording snippet into your GTM container.

Easy respondent recruitment

Share a link

Say goodbye to installing archaic recording software and browser extensions. All you need to do with RePlay Tasks is to send a single link. Just with that, your respondents are ready to go.

Widget - recruit users on your site

The best respondents are your users/customers. Insert the Recruiter widget into your website to turn visitors into respondents. You can provide testers with incentive in the form of coupons after they complete a study.

Screening respondents

Screen your respondents

Before respondents get started, you can ask them a screening question. For example: “What is your gender?” if your study is targeted primarily at women.

Technical screening

Screen respondents automatically

RePlay Tasks detects the user’s IP, location and their browser. With automatic screenings you can restrict where respondents come from and what sort of device they can use in order to participate.

Broad browser and devices support

Record on any device

RePlay works on desktops, smartphones and tablets and supports all modern browsers. It just needs JavaScript to be enabled.

Privacy by design

Exclude pages or elements

You have full control over user privacy and protection of sensitive information. Determine which parts of your website get recorded. You can hide specific pages or even elements, through study settings or API.

GDPR compliance tools

UXtweak contains privacy tools that allow you to keep a separate privacy policy between non-EU and EU countries. You can disable the recording of data that is inserted within inputs, hide email addresses and numbers in text and disable storage of IP adresses.

Study design customization


Messages such as the Welcome and Closing message and the Instructions can be customized to communicate the information you want to communicate, in a manner you want to communicate it in.

Logo & colors

Make the study match the branding of your company by adjusting the colors and uploading your company logo.

Wide data exports

Download respondent CSV

You can export data from respondents (questionnaires, task completion metrics) in a CSV file for further analysis outside the UXtweak environment.

PDF reports, charts exports

Present the results of your UX study to other stakeholders with handy PDF exports and exports of charts as images.

Multilingual support

Choose the language of your study

Localize your study’s labels and buttons by selecting one of the languages. We currently support English, German, Czech and Slovak, with more on the way.

Great documentation

Everything’s documented

To help you use our tools to the absolute maximum, every feature is thoroughly documented. You’ll find a lot of tips on how to use this tool in the guide.

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