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4 Tips for Creating Effective Screening Questions

Ensure the success of your UX research with the following four tips for creating perfect screening questions. Find the right participants for your study and gather valuable insights. Watch the video now and optimize your UX research with precision.

Key moments in this video

  • 00:50 Consider behaviors not demographics 
  • 01:48 Be careful who you exclude 
  • 02:39 Be precise in your screening questions 
  • 03:23 Test your screener 
  • 03:48 Bonus: Turn your website visitors into research participants

Video summary

Ensure the success of your UX research by creating effective screening questions to test the right participants. In this video, we provide four practical tips, including considering behaviors over demographics, careful exclusion criteria, precise wording of questions, and testing your screener. Additionally, discover the bonus tip for on-site recruiting, which allows you to turn website visitors into research participants. Watch the full video for valuable insights and enhance your UX research endeavors.

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