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What is Design Thinking?

Learn about the design thinking framework and what it entails. Understand the 5 stages of the design thinking process and explore tools that can help you stay on track. Watch the video now and ensure your product is developed with users’ needs at the forefront.

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The current state of UX/CX w/Debbie Levitt

Debbie Levitt, MBA, is an accomplished professional in the field of UX, serving as the CXO of DeltaCX. In addition to her popular YouTube channel, she is the author of books such as “Delta CX” and “Transforming Toward Customer-Centricity.” With her expertise, Debbie consults businesses on various aspects, including risk mitigation, ROI optimization, and more.

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Designing Hearing Aids w/Nick Morgan-Jones

Meet Nick, an experienced industrial designer and a member of the hard of hearing community. Through his startup, Decibels, he is involved in designing hearing aids and improving the lives of those with hearing loss. Join him as he shares his experiences as a “Junior CEO” and talks about the daily struggles faced by the hard of hearing.

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UXtweak Card Sorting tool

A user-friendly experience requires you to categorize your website’s content in alignment with user expectations. Using a card sorting tool you can effectively understand these expectations and adjust your content accordingly.

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A/B Testing with Prototypes

In the battlefield of design variations, A/B testing of prototypes is your secret weapon. It allows you to transform subjective assumptions into objective decisions, guiding you to create more user-centered designs at early stages – saving resources and nerves. 

Watch video (45:40 min.)

Mobile Prototype Testing

With nearly two-thirds of web traffic originating from mobile phones, conducting thorough research is crucial when designing mobile interfaces. It is essential to account for the disparities between desktop and mobile experiences.

Watch video (18:10 min.)

Usability Testing Questions: How To Ask Correctly

Uncover the significance of asking participants the right questions during usability testing and its massive influence on the quality of your study results. In this video, we offer you guidance on when and how to ask effective questions during usability testing to obtain more precise and valuable insights for your research.

Watch video (4:25 min.)

What is App Store Optimization?

Discover the world of App Store Optimization (ASO) and learn how to make your app stand out in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This video covers the key elements of app listing for both platforms and provides valuable tips on leveraging your UX skills to optimize your app store presence.

Watch video (5:01 min.)

A Guide to Concept Testing Questions

Uncover the full potential of your concepts or ideas by asking the right questions during user testing. Our Guide to Concept Testing Questions provides valuable insights into the types of questions you should ask, ensuring effective evaluation. Don’t miss out on optimizing your ideas – watch the video now!

Watch video (5:22 min.)

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