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Card Sorting + Tree Testing = Best friends

Explore card sorting and tree testing, two key UX research methods for optimizing website and app organization and navigation. Enhance user experience and usability by leveraging these valuable techniques.

Key moments in this video

  • 00:47 What is card sorting? 
  • 01:13 Types of card sorting 
  • 01:47 Limitations of card sorting 
  • 02:27 What is tree testing? 
  • 02:48 How tree testing works 
  • 03:29 Tree testing and card sorting work best together

Video summary

Discover the strategic blend of card sorting and tree testing methods to enhance your website’s or app’s information architecture. Card sorting reveals how users organize content, while tree testing validates user expectations by testing navigation within a predefined structure. Together, these methods provide valuable insights, uncovering unconventional navigation paths and category placements. The key takeaway is that card sorting sets the stage based on user intuition, while tree testing ensures the stage meets user expectations. Don’t miss out on the synergy between these techniques for an optimized user experience.

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