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Mobile Prototype Testing

With nearly two-thirds of web traffic originating from mobile phones, conducting thorough research is crucial when designing mobile interfaces. It is essential to account for the disparities between desktop and mobile experiences.

Key moments in this video

  • 00:41 The topics covered 
  • 00:53 Importance of mobile prototype testing? 
  • 02:01 How to create a prototype for mobile testing 
  • 02:39 Example of a mobile prototype testing study 
  • 03:40 Example of a mobile prototype 
  • 04:10 How to setup a mobile prototype testing study in UXtweak 
  • 07:21 How the study will look to your respondents 
  • 12:30 How to analyze the results of your study 
  • 14:02 What to look for in screen recordings 
  • 16:53 Takeaways from the webinar 
  • 17:43 Outro

Video summary

In this webinar, Marek Štrba, a UX researcher at UXtweak, highlights the importance of mobile prototype testing given the rise of mobile web traffic. He uses a car sharing app prototype to demonstrate the creation of a mobile usability testing study on the UXtweak platform, outlining task setting, question formulation, and data collection. The second part of the webinar dives into data analysis, emphasizing the significance of metrics like completion rates, participant details, and responses. Screen recordings are analyzed to pinpoint user struggles and interaction errors, providing critical insights for prototype refinement. Wrapping up, Marek shares key takeaways about mobile usability and task design, and offers attendees downloadable resources for further study.

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