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Mobile Usability Testing Best Practices

Master mobile usability testing with these five best practices, making it a breeze to assess the usability of your mobile apps.

Key moments in this video

  • 00:40 Make sure test participants are familiar with the device 
  • 01:08 Do a dry run of your study before release to testers 
  • 01:39 Test your prototype before live app testing 
  • 02:16 Divide the testing process 
  • 02:46 Test frequently and early

Video summary

Maximize the potential of your app with mobile usability testing. This is a reliable method to unearth issues in your design early on, saving both time and resources. First, ensure your testers are familiar with the device in question – this allows for results that truly reflect real-world experiences. Secondly, before launching your test, run a dry pilot study to iron out any complexities and confirm smooth operation. It is crucial to test your app as a prototype before full-scale development. Divide your testing into manageable chunks, focusing on individual modules or flows for better precision. And remember, test frequently and from early stages of the design process. 

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