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UXtweak Tree Testing

Are you noticing suboptimal conversion rates or increased user drop-offs? Uncover the underlying causes of these problems by utilizing Tree Testing with UXtweak.

Key moments in this video

  • 0:00 Understanding Your Customers’ Web Navigation Experience¬†
  • 0:21 Setting Up a Tree Testing Study¬†
  • 0:52 Task Creation & Identifying Correct Answers
  • 1:15 Interpreting Study Results for User Navigation Improvement

Video summary

Learn how to improve your website navigation with tree testing tool in this video guide. The Tree Testing allows you to evaluate your website navigation with users and discover improvement opportunities. Understand how to establish tasks for respondents, and assign correct answers within the tree structure. Analyze the results to get a comprehensive overview, revealing completion rates, average times, and user locations. Identify the areas where customers struggle with navigation and fix them.

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Improve UX with product experience insights from UXtweak