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Usability Testing Questions: How To Ask Correctly

Uncover the significance of asking participants the right questions during usability testing and its massive influence on the quality of your study results. In this video, we offer you guidance on when and how to ask effective questions during usability testing to obtain more precise and valuable insights for your research.


Key moments in this video

  • 00:35 Open-ended questions vs closed-ended questions 
  • 01:29 The timing matters 
  • 01:49 Filter out respondents with the screener 
  • 02:10 Find out more about your participants pre-test 
  • 02:35 Get valuable data during the testing 
  • 03:10 Get post-study impressions from your users 
  • 03:34 Tips for writing good questions for usability testing

Video summary

Usability testing relies on carefully crafted questions, both open-ended for qualitative insights and closed-ended for quantitative data. The four key stages of question timing – screening to select ideal participants, pre-testing to understand background and mood, the testing itself to gather real-time reactions, and post-testing for overall impressions – ensure comprehensive feedback. Crafting effective questions involves keeping sentences concise and clear, focusing on a single point per question, and maintaining grammatical accuracy. This strategic question design and timing enable a more precise understanding of user interactions and perceptions of your product.

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