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The current state of UX/CX w/Debbie Levitt

Debbie Levitt, MBA, is an accomplished professional in the field of UX, serving as the CXO of DeltaCX. In addition to her popular YouTube channel, she is the author of books such as “Delta CX” and “Transforming Toward Customer-Centricity.” With her expertise, Debbie consults businesses on various aspects, including risk mitigation, ROI optimization, and more.

Key moments in this video

  • 0:06 Introduction: Debbie’s 28 Years in Business
  • 0:32 From Childhood Dreams to Entrepreneurship
  • 2:16 Embracing Flexibility: Redefining and Adapting Along the Way 
  • 3:34 The Power of Research: Knowledge First, Solutions Second 
  • 6:19 Challenging the Innovation Workshop Myth 
  • 8:44 Task-Oriented Triumph: Research as the Innovation Guide

Video summary

In this video guide, Debbie Levitt shares important lessons from her entrepreneurial journey and the role of user research in product development. She emphasizes the need for flexibility in business, advocating for a “learn-build-measure” approach instead of the popular “build-measure-learn” method. Levitt also challenges traditional innovation methods, such as brainstorming meetings, and suggests that fostering individual creativity leads to better outcomes. She stresses the importance of inclusivity, ensuring all voices are heard, especially from underrepresented groups. Overall, Levitt underscores the critical importance of user research and thoughtful innovation as key elements for successful product development and business evolution.

💡 Listen to the full podcast episode with Debbie Levitt and discover more on Spotify.

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