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UXtweak User Panel

Are you seeking participants for your user research? Define the necessary audience criteria and leave the recruiting to us. 

Key moments in this video

  • 0:00 Introduction to UXtweak User Panel 
  • 0:25 Starting a New User Panel and Defining the Target Industry 
  • 0:47 Setting Up the Study and Defining Attributes for Target Audience 
  • 1:58 Finalizing and Placing the Panel Order

Video summary

This video takes you through the process of using UXtweak’s User Panel – research recruiting tool. It demonstrates how to create a new user panel order, customize participant attributes according to the study’s needs, and select specific demographics. The tutorial also explains how to adjust the duration of your study and how to define unique attributes like income or profession for a more targeted audience. The final step is launching the recruiting and watching the responses coming in.

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Improve UX with product experience insights from UXtweak