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User Journey

What is a user journey?

A user journey is a visual representation of the process a user goes through to achieve a goal with your product, from their initial interaction to the final outcome. It’s a powerful tool used in UX design to understand and address user needs and pain points across multiple touchpoints.

Synonyms: User Journey Map, Customer Journey

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User Journey



What is user journey mapping in design thinking?

User journey mapping in design thinking is the process of creating a graphical interpretation of the user’s experiences and interactions when trying to achieve a goal with a product, emphasizing empathy and user-centricity.

What is a user journey map?

A user journey map is a visual representation or a diagram that illustrates how a user interacts with a product over time, capturing their feelings, motivations, goals, and pain points throughout their journey.

How to create a user journey map?

Creating a user journey map involves defining user personas, outlining their goals, charting the user’s steps or stages, identifying touchpoints, emotions, and actions at each step, and recognizing and addressing any challenges or pain points.

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User Journey Map Guide

User Journey Map Guide

Gain insights into the user experience with a user journey map. This article explores the significance of user journey mapping in understanding user interactions, needs, and emotions throughout their journey. Discover how to create impactful user journey maps to inform design decisions and enhance the overall user experience.

User Journey Map Examples

User Journey Map Examples

Explore inspiring examples of user journey maps that capture user experiences across various touchpoints. This article showcases real-world user journey map examples, highlighting how they illustrate user interactions, pain points, and opportunities for improvement.

Creating a User Flow Map for Better UX

Creating a User Flow Map for Better UX

This article explores the concept of user flow and its importance in creating intuitive and engaging experiences. Learn how to design effective user flows that guide users through a clear and frictionless path towards their goals, enhancing usability and satisfaction.

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