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A/B Testing with Prototypes

In the battlefield of design variations, A/B testing of prototypes is your secret weapon. It allows you to transform subjective assumptions into objective decisions, guiding you to create more user-centered designs at early stages – saving resources and nerves. 

Key moments in this video

  • 03:09 Webinar Start
  • 05:00 About UXtweak & Presenters
  • 6:10 About A/B Testing
  • 8:48 Making sure our prototypes are ready
  • 11:53 Example Study
  • 19:12 Prototype in Figma
  • 21:25 Set Up in UXtweak
  • 25:55 Finding respondents for your study
  • 28:12 How to interpret study results
  • 31:43 Key takeaways
  • 38:32 Discussion

Video summary

In this webinar, Marek and Peter, UX researchers from UXtweak provide insights into A/B testing and prototyping. They discuss prototype readiness, selecting KPIs (key performance indicators), and leveraging UXtweak’s resources. A/B testing is explored, focusing on comparing design variants for decision-making and design modifications. The importance of interconnected flows in prototypes is highlighted, emphasizing the need for multiple variants in A/B testing. 

Marek presents a case study of choosing the placement of a help contact form, leading to the decision to conduct an A/B test on prototype. Key components of A/B testing are outlined, including KPIs, tasks, prototypes, and respondents. Effective task text construction and the inclusion of additional questions are discussed. The webinar demonstrates prototype variants in Figma and showcases the setup process in UXtweak. Crucial matters, such as random assignment, believability, and complete flows in prototypes, are discussed. Finding respondents for the study is addressed, with a recommended minimum of 25 participants per group. The video concludes with a summary of key takeaways and best practices in the field.

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