Managing teams, seats and roles in Team Management

To share a project in UXtweak with others (e.g. to let others view the study results or to create studies collaboratively) you have to be on the same team. In this help, we'll discuss how to use the Manage team screen to:

  • Customize your team
  • Add more people into your team and assign them roles
  • Create and manage more teams

Customize your team

To access your active team, open the dropdown next to your avatar in the upper right corner and then click Manage team

The active team is the team that the studies visible on the dashboard belong to. You can switch between teams at any time. Any studies that you create will be created for your currently active team and visible to all its members.

When you register into UXtweak, you will automatically become a member of a team that has you as its owner.

  • The team name is how the team is seen by you and other team members.
  • You can further personalize the team by adding a team avatar.
  • Team name initials will be displayed instead, if no avatar is uploaded.
  • Click the + button and upload the avatar image from your system.
  • Only images in GIF, JPG and PNG formats are allowed.
  • The image has to be smaller than 200 KiB and with the maximum dimensions of 300 x 300px.

Add more people into your team and assign them roles

To add more people into your team, open the Members tab

Here, you should see all the members of your team. For a new team, that means only you, as the team's owner.

To add more team members, enter their email address and select the role they should be added in by selecting their Group. There are 4 types of team roles:

  • Owner - the person who created the team. Has full administrative control. The owner's plan determines which features and resources are available to the team (e.g. team can only run RePlay studies on the owner's domains). This role cannot be given or transferred to others and as such isn't available in the selection (contact us if this gives you any trouble).
  • Administrator - Can do anything with the team that the owner can do, like change the team name and avatar and add people into team roles.
  • Editor - can create and edit studies in the team but cannot modify the team itself
  • Watcher - can view the study setup and results but cannot edit anything

Note: Only the owner can add people into their plan's seats. Therefore, while an administrator can assign people roles in the owner's team, they cannot add a person into a role if that person hasn't yet been given a seat by the owner.

You can only add as many new people into your teams as the number of seats in your plan allows. However, you can add the same people into as many teams as you want. Once somebody has taken up one of your seats, they cannot un-take it. (contact us if this gives you any trouble)

There is no limit to how many teams you can create, own or be a member of. To create a new team, click New team on the Manage team screen.

To switch between your teams (a.k.a. to make another team your active one), open the dropdown next to your user avatar in the upper right corner and choose Switch team. Then, find the team you want to switch to and click Switch.

To delete a team, while on the Manage team screen of that team, open the dropdown next to the New team button and click Delete.

You cannot delete the last team that you're the owner of.