How do I interpret the Similarity Matrix in Card Sorting?

In this help, we'll discuss how to use the Similarity Matrix in open and hybrid card sort analysis to:

  • Find commonly grouped card pairs
  • Get a PDF Export of the Similarity Matrix

Find commonly grouped card pairs 

  • The similarity matrix provides an easily readable representation of the frequency of pairings being grouped together
  • The higher the percentage and darker the shade of blue where two cards intersect, the more often they were grouped together
  • Click a pairing in the matrix to display a list of categories that contained said pairing and the list of respondents who submitted them

Get a PDF Export of the Similarity Matrix 

You can create a PDF report of all the information listed above, exactly like you can see it in the web interface. To create an export, click PDF Export in the upper right corner of the tab contents.

If you wish to create a report using more than one section of your study's results, go to the Export tab