Looking up and managing studies in the Study List

The Study List is used for keeping track of and managing all your studies. The Study List allows you to browse through and sort your studies. In this help, we'll discuss how to use the Study List to:

  • Look up studies by their tool and status
  • Use study filters and sorting
  • Search for studies

Look up studies by their tool and status

A study in UXtweak is in one of the following states:

  • Draft - A study that's still getting ready to be launched. No data is being collected yet
  • Active - The study has been launched and data is being collected
  • Inactive - Only applies to RePlay studies. It means that recording for this study has been paused
  • Finished - The study has been concluded and data is no longer being collected

You can find all of your studies through the Study List, be they drafts, active, inactive or finished studies.

The Study List display a list of all studies that meet your current filtering criteria. For each study, you will see their:

  • Study name
  • Date of creation
  • Author - The person who created the study in the first place
  • Study address - Link to the study (not in RePlay Visitors)
  • Completion rate - How many respondents completed the study and how many there were in total (not in RePlay Visitors)
  • Visitors - How many people visited the website (RePlay Visitors only)
  • Website URL - The address of the recorded website (RePlay only )

By clicking the dropdown selection on your study, you can take one of several actions to manage studies:

  • Results - Here's where you'll analyze the results of your study
  • Study setup - Here's where you craft your study draft into a full-fledged study. Can also be accessed by directly clicking anywhere on the study
  • Study preview - The preview will show you what the study will look like to respondents. No data is collected in preview mode
  • Copy study address - Copies a link to the study which can be shared with respondents
  • Finish study - Changes the state of the study to Finished
  • Create clone - Makes a copy of the study. Only the the setup is copied, collected data is not carried over. Use this option to base new studies off of previous ones
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the study and all of the collected results

Use study filters and sorting

Aside from filtering your studies based on your selection in the left side menu, the Study List also allows you to adjust the filter and sort results.

You can filter the studies by:

  • Variant - e.g. Open/Closed/Hybrid for CardSort, Visitors/RePlay Tasks for RePlay
  • Status - Draft/Active/Inactive/Finished

Studies can be sorted by:

  • Name - sorted alphabetically
  • Created - sorted chronologically by creation date
  • Respondents - sorted by number of respondents (not in RePlay Visitors)
  • Visitors - sorted by number of visitors (RePlay Visitors only)

Click the up and down arrow buttons to sort the studies in ascending and descending order respectively.

Search for studies

The right side of the filtering bar contains a search bar, which allows you to search through the filtered studies by name