How do I use the Messages tab in Prototype Testing?

Prototype Testing contains several messages which are shown to the respondents during different steps of the study. The default messages should do their job well, but if you have the need, the messages are also wholly customizable.

In this help, we'll discuss how to use the Messages tab to:

  • Customize the Privacy information & Consent message
  • Write a good Welcome message
  • Write a good Thank you message
  • Write good Instructions
  • Write a good Closed message
  • Hide unneeded messages

Write a good Welcome message 

  • The Welcome message is the first thing that respondents see
  • The goal of the message is to introduce respondents to Prototype Testing and tell them what to expect
  • A good Welcome message is brief, friendly and explains the purpose behind the study

The Welcome message should:

  • contain a polite hello and a thank you
  • explain how taking part in the study will help you (e.g. 'it will help us organize the content on our website')
  • provide a helpful estimate of how much time the study will take to complete (e.g. 'from 10 to 15 minutes')
  • include any other information that is important to know before the study begins (e.g. introduction of your company to get respondents into the right frame of mind)

Write a good Thank you message 

  • Thank the respondent for helping you
  • Make it obvious that the study is over and they can now close the window or leave the page
  • Provide any additional information if needed (e.g. if you want the respondent to follow up the study with some other action)

Set the redirect URL if you want the respondent to be redirected somewhere else (e.g. your website) after completing the study.

Write good Instructions 

By default, the study contains a set instructions, which should do a good job to explain to your respondents how a Prototype Testing study works.

If you wish to adjust the instructions, make sure to

  • keep the instructions brief and easy to understand
  • keep the instructions structured in a list
  • present the instructions in the right order

Write a good Closed message 

The message shown to anyone who opens the study once the study is already finished and they can no longer participate.

  • Say that you're sorry and thank them, but say that it's no longer possible participate
  • Provide a way to contact you in case it's absolutely sure that a participant who has access to the study should be able to participate
  • If they can help you by participating in any future studies, inform them how to keep in touch
  • Set the redirect URL if you want the respondent to be redirected somewhere else (e.g. your website) afterwards.

Hide unneeded messages 

  • In the options, you can disable the Welcome message and the Instructions
  • Disable the Welcome message if the respondents have already gotten an explanation of the study
  • Disable the Instructions if you've already given the respondents instructions outside the study, or if the respondents are already familiar with Prototype Testing