How do I use the Tasks tab in Prototype Testing?

In this help, we'll discuss how to use the Tasks tab to:

  • Create tasks for your respondents to fulfill
  • Adjust the order and number of tasks that the respondents see
  • Pick the starting points and correct solutions
  • Create post-task questionnaires

Create tasks for your respondents to fulfill 

  • The tasks that you create should represent specific use cases of your website or app
  • To write a task, simply open a task and fill in the task text
  • To insert more tasks into the prototype test, click Add task
  • By default, respondents can't skip tasks. You can enable them to skip tasks by checking Allow respondents to skip tasks

Adjust the order and number of tasks that the respondents see 

  • Unless the order of tasks is randomized, the respondents solve tasks in the order they're listed in
  • To move a task up or down on the list, simply drag-and-drop it to the desired destination. Alternatively, use the Move up/down buttons under the ellipsis button
  • To show the tasks to respondents in different order, select Randomize task order
  • To keep the first task static (e.g. to use it as an example), check Don't randomize the first task
  • If the order of tasks is randomized, by changing Number of tasks to show to a respondent , you can show every respondent only a certain number of tasks from the total number of tasks available

Pick the starting points and correct solutions 

  • For each task, you need to select which design will serve as the starting point for the task
  • You also need to select which locations (designs) in the prototype are to be considered as correct solutions. There can be multiple correct solutions for every task
  • There are two ways to pick the starting point and the correct solutions - Start and end only and Full path match
  • With Start and end only, also called simple match - you choose the starting and solution designs with no regard to the paths between them.
  • With Full path match, you will open up your prototype and click through it to choose the exact path that the respondents should take while solving the task. The respondents will begin the task of the first design in the path.

Create post-task questionnaires 

  • Aside from the surveys in the Questionnaire tab, you can also ask questions immediately after each task
  • This is recommended for gathering immediate feedback to prevent important information about solving individual tasks being mixed up of forgotten
  • Question creation works the same as in the Questionnaire tab