How do I use the Recruit tab in Prototype Testing

In this help, we'll discuss how to use the Recruit tab to:

  • Share your study with your respondents
  • Set up your Onsite Recruiting Widget to recruit directly on your website
  • Order participants via User Panel
  • Send out email invites through Own Database
  • Give away coupons as reward for completing your study

Share your study with your respondents 

  • Sharing your study with respondents is easy! Just go to the Recruit tab and copy the URL that you find there. (Alternatively, the URL can also be found on the Dashboard)
  • Share this URL with respondents (e.g. to your mailing lists or through social media) and presto, it's done!
  • Don't forget to Launch your study before you share it with respondents. A study that hasn't been launched yet won't be recording any data!
  • If you protected your study with a password, don't forget to share that with your respondents as well!

Set up Onsite Recruiting Widget to recruit directly on your website 

The Onsite Recruiting Widget gives you the opportunity to turn regular visitors from your website into respondents in your studies. The widget works as a tool independent from your study, allowing you to manage recruitment for your studies on multiple domains in one place.

To start using an Onsite Recruiting Widget, click Create widget for this study to create a new widget with your study assigned as the target of recruitment. The widget will start appearing on your site once you've launched both the study and the Recruiting Widget. To learn how to set up your Recruiting Widget, please see the dedicated documentation.

If you already have Onsite Recruiting Widgets assigned to recruit respondents into your study, you will see them listed here.

How to invite participants from Own Database 

Own database is the ultimate tool for researchers who have a big pool of their own participants or users willing to participate in their studies. Simply import the email addresses of these participants into UXtweak together with any additional information you might want to use for the targeting process.

To set up an invitation batch, click Recruit from Own Database. This will take you directly to the setup of the Own Database recruiting for this study.

Read more about how to set up the Own Database recruiting in its own documentation.

How to order participants via User Panel 

If you need more participants, you can always order new ones through our User Panel. This option provides you with access to more than 155 million users from 200+ countries with more than 2000 profile attributes to choose from.

To create a new panel, click Create user panel for this study. You will be taken directly to the setup of a User Panel order for this study.

Read more about how to use the User Panel in its own documentation.

Give away coupons as reward for completing your study 

  • Coupons are an ideal and simple way how to provide visitors with an incentive to become respondents
  • Go to Include reward for respondents. Here you can either enter coupons manually, or import them from a CSV file

Use UTF-8 encoded CSV files to ensure that the import works correctly. The simplest way to save your imported file with UTF-8 encoding is to edit it through Google Sheets (click the link for more instructions). To get a UTF-8 encoded file when saving your file in Excel, go to File -> Save As and select CSV UTF-8 before you click Save.

  • Each coupon contains an alphanumerical code (of any length, but 250 at most) and an expiration date
  • Coupons won't be given away anymore once their expiration date has passed
  • Use the Active/Inactive switch to turn the rewards on and off
  • Below the switch, you can monitor the status of your coupons - how many were already used and how many remain
  • Open List of promo codes to see which coupons were already distributed and who received them. If it's needed, you can even remove individual coupons.