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Confidence Level

What is Confidence Level?

The confidence level quantifies the degree of certainty in the accuracy of a confidence interval. Researchers select this value, with common choices in UX research being 95% or 90%. Opting for a lower confidence level implies a greater acceptance of the risk that the confidence interval might not encompass the true value of a metric for the entire user population.

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Why is Confidence Level Important?

  • Certainty Quantification: The confidence level measures the degree of certainty in the accuracy of a confidence interval, aiding researchers in assessing the reliability of their estimates.
  • Researcher Control: Researchers select the confidence level, typically opting for common values like 95% or 90% in UX research. This choice reflects their tolerance for potential estimation errors and guides decision-making regarding the interpretation of results.
  • Risk Acceptance: Choosing a lower confidence level indicates a higher tolerance for the risk that the confidence interval may not capture the true population parameter. This awareness helps researchers balance the need for precision with the acceptance of uncertainty in statistical estimation.

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