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What is Metric?

A metric refers to a quantitative variable or measure obtained from a study. Common UX metrics encompass factors like task duration, success rate, satisfaction levels, conversion rates, and ease of use. These metrics serve to quantify various aspects of the user experience that are observable and measurable.

Synonyms: Measurement

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Why is Metric Important?

  • Quantitative Insight: Metrics offer objective measures of user experience elements, aiding in the assessment of performance, satisfaction, and usability.
  • Informed Decisions: By analyzing metrics such as task duration and success rates, researchers can make data-driven decisions to enhance product design and user experience.
  • Comparative Analysis: Metrics enable objective comparisons between design iterations or products, guiding iterative improvements and decision-making processes.

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Five Second Testing

Five Second Testing

In this guide we are going to introduce you to five second testing, explain its significance as a research method, when and how to conduct it, as well as discuss some of the best practices.

NASA-TLX (NASA Task Load Index)