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Post-Task Survey

What is Post-task survey

A post-task survey is conducted after each user task in a quantitative study, typically designed to be brief. Commonly, post-task surveys include questions such as the Single-Ease Question, aimed at gathering user feedback promptly following task completion.

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Why is Post-Task Survey Important?

  • Immediate Feedback: Post-task surveys provide prompt insights into user experiences immediately after completing a task, capturing fresh impressions and feedback while they’re still top of mind.
  • Iterative Improvement: By gathering user feedback at key moments during a study, such as after each task, researchers can identify usability issues and iteratively refine the design to enhance user experience.
  • Efficient Data Collection: Post-task surveys, designed to be brief and focused, facilitate efficient data collection by minimizing user burden while still capturing valuable feedback on specific aspects of the user interaction.

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