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Product Vision

What is a product vision?

A product vision is a strategic statement that outlines the long-term goals and direction for a product. It defines the purpose, value, and intended impact of the product in the market. The product vision provides a shared understanding and a guiding light for the product development team, stakeholders, and other involved parties.

Synonyms: Product mission, product direction

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Why is product vision important?

Product vision is important because it provides several benefits: 

  • Alignment: It aligns the team and stakeholders around a shared understanding of the product’s purpose, direction, and goals.
  • Decision Making: It guides decision-making processes, helping prioritize features and initiatives that align with the product vision.
  • Motivation: It inspires and motivates the team, giving them a sense of purpose and direction in their work.
  • Communication: It serves as a communication tool to convey the product’s value and goals to stakeholders, customers, and the broader organization.

What does a typical product vision statement contain?

A typical product vision statement contains the following elements:

  • Description of the product’s purpose and value
  • Identification of the target market or customer segment
  • Statement of the desired future state and impact
  • Alignment with the company’s mission and strategic objectives

How to write a product vision statement?

  • Understand your target market: Conduct user research, interviews, and market analysis to gather insights on your audiences’ needs, preferences and problems.
  • Define the purpose and value: Identify the core problems it solves or the benefits it delivers. Consider the impact your product can have on improving lives or addressing market gaps.
  • Envision the future state: Think about how the product will evolve, the problems it will solve, and the benefits it will deliver to customers. Consider the aspirations and goals your product aims to achieve.
  • Craft a concise statement: Keep it clear and memorable. Use language that is simple yet powerful to convey the purpose and impact of your product.
  • Align with company strategy: Ensure that your product vision aligns with the overall strategic objectives and values of your company. It should contribute to the broader organizational mission and direction.
  • Test and refine: Share the vision statement with stakeholders, team members, and other key decision-makers. Gather feedback and insights. Iterate and refine the statement based on the input received.


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How do product owners contribute to the vision?

Product owners play a crucial role in shaping and contributing to the product vision. They work closely with stakeholders, customers, and the development team to understand needs, define goals, and ensure the vision is reflected in the product roadmap and backlog.

What is product vision in agile?

In agile methodologies, the product vision provides a high-level direction and goal for the development team. It guides the team’s efforts, helps prioritize work, and serves as a reference point for decision-making during iterations and sprint planning. The product vision evolves and adapts as the team gains insights and user feedback throughout the agile development process.

What is an example of a product vision?

An example of a product vision is the vision statement for Tesla’s electric vehicles: “To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.” This product vision statement reflects Tesla’s purpose of revolutionizing the automotive industry by providing sustainable transportation solutions and leading the shift towards a greener future.

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