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Single-Ease Question (SEQ)

What is Single-Ease Question (SEQ)?

The Single-Ease Question (SEQ) is a survey instrument consisting of a single question posed to users after they have attempted a task. Users are asked to rate the difficulty or ease of the task overall, selecting an answer on a scale ranging from 1 (very difficult) to 7 (very easy).

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Why is Single-Ease Question (SEQ) Important?

  • Efficient Feedback: The SEQ provides a streamlined method for gathering user feedback by presenting a single question immediately after task completion, minimizing user burden and ensuring prompt responses.
  • Task-Specific Insight: By focusing on users’ perceptions of task difficulty or ease, the SEQ offers targeted insights into the usability and user experience of specific tasks, helping researchers identify areas for improvement.
  • Quantifiable Feedback: The scale format of the SEQ allows for quantifiable feedback, enabling researchers to analyze and compare users’ perceived task difficulty across different tasks or iterations of a design.

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