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UXtweak Card Sorting tool

A user-friendly experience requires you to categorize your website’s content in alignment with user expectations. Using a card sorting tool you can effectively understand these expectations and adjust your content accordingly.

Key moments in this video

  • 0:00 Addressing Web Navigation Challenges 
  • 0:22 Choosing a Card Sorting Method 
  • 0:54 Recruiting Respondents for the Study 
  • 1:15 Interpreting Study Results to Improve Navigation Structure

Video summary

The video introduces you to UXtweak card sorting tools. The process involves sorting blog articles, represented as cards, into predetermined and respondent-generated categories. Participants are gathered via direct sharing, through Recruiting Widget or from the UXtweak’s User Panel. The outcome analysis includes respondent demographics, card categorization patterns, and card similarities, culminating in the formulation of a user-centric website structure.

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