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Mobile App usability testing with UXtweak

Explore real user experiences and uncover the challenges they face when using your mobile app with user testing.

Key moments in this video

  • 0:00 Starting a Mobile Testing Study with UXtweak 
  • 0:37 Defining Tasks and Questions for Testers 
  • 1:09 Launching the Study 
  • 1:34 How do Tasks Work?
  • 1:57 Reviewing Results and Analyzing User Behavior

Video summary

Optimize your mobile user experience using mobile usability testing with UXtweak’s Mobile App User Testing Tool. The tool supports testing for iOS apps, mobile website versions, or prototypes. Set up tasks to emulate typical user activities and measure their experiences and difficulties. Initiate the study, distribute the link, and engage testers. Testers will document their interactions using the UXtweak app. The results offer an opportunity to analyze user behavior, assess feedback, and refine the mobile user experience.

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