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UXtweak Recruiting Widget

Convert your site’s visitors into study participants, gaining their insights on redesigns and new features. This way, you will get real users to actively participate in the UX improvement process.

Key moments in this video

  • 0:00 Importance of User Testing for Websites 
  • 0:17 Introduction to  Onsite Recruiting widget
  • 0:30 Setting up the  Onsite Recruiting widget
  • 1:40 Launching the Widget and Awaiting Results

Video summary

In need of user feedback for your newly redesigned website? Consider using a recruiting widget. This video guide provides an overview of how to employ a pop-up on your website to invite customers to participate in user studies. You will learn how to customize the widget and control its appearance and deployment on your site, making it a valuable tool for gathering immediate and relevant user feedback for free.

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Improve UX with product experience insights from UXtweak

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Improve UX with product experience insights from UXtweak