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Prototype Testing Tool Updates

Explore UXtweak’s updated prototype testing for Figma and InVision with advanced features and easy access – check out our video to see how!

Key moments in this video

  • 0:02 New Updates for Prototype Tool
  • 0:16 Recording Capabilities
  • 0:47 Enhanced Recording Viewing
  • 1:23 Advanced Automatic Analysis
  • 2:45 UXtweak Accessibility

Video summary

Check out the exciting new updates on UXtweak’s prototype testing tool, now even better for Figma and InVision prototypes! Experience the advanced user testing features, including live recordings of screens, voices, and facial expressions, capturing every detail. Explore the new analysis tools like synchronized recordings, heat maps, click maps, and more, all designed to improve your user experience testing. It’s easy and accessible – no downloads, just a link to start. Curious? Watch the video and see how UXtweak is changing the game in prototype testing!

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