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Designing Hearing Aids w/Nick Morgan-Jones

Meet Nick, an experienced industrial designer and a member of the hard of hearing community. Through his startup, Decibels, he is involved in designing hearing aids and improving the lives of those with hearing loss. Join him as he shares his experiences as a “Junior CEO” and talks about the daily struggles faced by the hard of hearing.

Key moments in this video

  • 0:06 Introduction and Project Presentation: Decibels 
  • 0:20 Personal Connection and Challenges of Wearing Hearing Aids 
  • 1:43 Goal for Changing Perceptions around Hearing Aids 
  • 2:23 Transition into Industrial Design and Career Background 
  • 3:16 Reflection on the Journey and Lessons Learned

Video summary

In this podcast episode, Nick, the founder of Decibels, narrates his journey of creating hearing aids that users feel confident to wear. Coming from the hard of hearing community, he understands the significance of visibility without stigma. He discusses the shift from being an industrial designer to a startup CEO and highlights the importance of public product development. Through his reflections, Nick uncovers a valuable lesson: our own hesitations can often impede progress, but conquering them opens the door to significant personal and professional growth. Tune in to learn from his journey and gain insights into the world of hearing aid design and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

💡 Listen to the full podcast episode with Nick Morgan-Jones and discover more on Spotify.

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