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Middle market

What is mid-market?

Mid-market refers to a segment of the business market that falls between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations. It typically encompasses companies with a moderate size, revenue, and employee count.

The mid-market sector plays a significant role in the economy, driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth.

Synonyms: midsize market

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mid market

What is a mid-market company?

There is no strict definition of what constitutes a middle market company, as it can vary depending on the industry and geographical location. However, mid-market companies generally have a higher revenue and employee count than small businesses but are smaller in scale compared to large multinational corporations. 

These companies often operate in specific niches or industries, have a more established presence, and face unique challenges and opportunities in their market segment.

How can middle market companies benefit from user research?

User research benefits middle-market companies in four main ways:

  1. It promotes customer-centric development: Research aids in understanding customer needs, aiding in the creation of tailored products.
  2. Enhances satisfaction and UX: Acting on customer feedback can resolve common issues, enhancing the overall experience and fostering loyalty.
  3. Guides decision-making: Insights from competitor analysis and market trends, garnered from research, support strategic decisions and resource allocation.
  4. Offers a competitive edge: Utilizing research allows companies to differentiate their solutions, exceed competitors, and achieve market advantage.


What is the revenue range for mid-market companies?

While there is no universally defined revenue threshold that determines a mid-market company, a commonly accepted range is typically between $10 million to $1 billion in annual revenue. 

However, the revenue range for mid-market companies can also differ across different countries and industries.


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How many employees do mid-market companies typically have?

A rough estimate for mid-market companies could range from a few dozen employees to a few hundred or more. Mid-market companies typically have a larger employee count compared to small businesses but are smaller in scale compared to large corporations.

What is the difference between mid market and enterprise?

The difference between mid-market and enterprise lies in the size, scale, and scope of the businesses. Enterprise companies are usually bigger in revenue and operate in multiple markets with more complex organizational structures than mid-market companies.

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